17/12/2008: completed the summer 08 update of the site. Starting the winter 09 update.

05/03/2008: released arXiv:0803.0659 [hep-ph], First evidence of New Physics in B^0_s sector.

04/07/2007: released arXiv:0707.0636 [hep-ph] on the "Model-independent constraints on
\Delta F=2
operators and the scale of New Physics".

25/04/2007: website updated, including winter 07 new results and the following improvements: \sin 2\beta from B^0 \rightarrow J/\psi K^0 only, including the theoretical error;
B \rightarrow \pi\pi
and B \rightarrow \rho \rho using the improved isospin analysis;
from B \rightarrow \rho\pi using CPS approach.

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